1. If you’re feeling a bit low on motivation, commit yourself to sitting at the piano and playing something you enjoy for 5 minutes. You will often find this turns into 15 or even 30 minutes!

2. Break things up into small sections – perhaps two or four bars – and repeat lots! Observe how many times you need to play it until it improves. Remember that the next day you may have forgotten a bit and repeat again. It will get easier the more you repeat it!

3. Work out a good time to play the piano every day, and stick to the routine. Lots of short practices spread out over the week is much better than one longer one right before your lesson!

4. Try not to get frustrated if things go wrong. Keep trying with the difficult bit – it will get easier! Try playing slowly, or hands separately. Sometimes it is best to come back to a tricky bit later on though!

5. Don’t be afraid to write on the music – circle a tricky note, or write a reminder. However, it’s generally best not to write in every single note name or finger number as we won’t learn to read the notes that way! Also write down any questions you think of in the week to ask when you come for your lesson.