Do I need a piano at home?

Yes – you do need an instrument to practise on between lessons. This could be a traditional acoustic piano, or a digital piano made to recreate the sound and feel of an acoustic piano. Each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. A digital piano is not the same as a keyboard, and each will feel very different to play. If you want to try a piano before making the commitment, there are rental schemes available, where your rental money can be put towards the purchase price or there are plenty of second hand instruments. Without a suitable instrument to practise on, it is unlikely you would make good progress.

What's the best age to start?

All children are different, and are ready to start learning at different ages. I teach from age 6 and above as a general rule. For children younger than this, you can still encourage them to have a go at home, and play around with things like high and low notes, making different sounds and the patterns on the keyboard. Lots of singing and familiarity with songs will help when they are ready to start with learning the piano more formally. 

There is no upper age limit to start learning, and I teach many children and teens as well as adults.

What age ranges do you teach?

Lessons are available for children aged 6 and above, and adults.


Where do lessons take place?

All lessons are held at my home in Newton Leys, Milton Keynes (click for a map). Location is due to change later in the year, and is likely to be in the MK7 area. Students play on a well-maintained acoustic piano.

Lessons are possible in your home during the school day only. A minimum of 1 hour of tuition must be booked per week and distance conditions apply.

Do I need to buy anything else?

The main thing is to provide an appropriate instrument, and make sure this is tuned and maintained as needed. A height adjustable piano stool is also recommended.

You will need to buy some books with music for them to learn, and I will make recommendations.

Can I learn as an adult?

Yes you can! Many adults like to learn in order to achieve something for themselves or perhaps to provide balance with other parts of their life or work. It may surprise you to know that about half my students are adults, some who learnt an instrument when they were at school, and others who haven’t ever had the chance to learn before now.

Will I need to do anything between lessons?

Each lesson, I will set tasks for you to do. This will mostly be practising the pieces we have introduced in the lesson, but could also be other things such as learning new notes using an app or completing a written activity. Practising pieces will need to be done as often as possible between lessons (ideally every day but at least 4-5 times per week). The time needed for this will start at about 5 minutes per day, but will increase as you become more advanced.


How often will I have my lessons?

Most students, especially children, prefer to come to lessons weekly. However adult students often find twice per month works bests to fit in with busy lifestyles. Please see the lessons page for full details.


When can I have my lessons?

Lessons are available from Wednesday to Saturday. Please view the lessons page for full details of packages available.