COVID Safety Measures

We are hoping to return to face-to-face lessons from September and have taken careful measures to ensure that this is safe for everyone. Any student who wishes to continue lessons online can do this. For those taking face-to face lessons, here are some of the safety...

Online concert

So can you do a concert online? Well this is exactly what we will be doing at the end of the Summer Term! Students will be sending in their recordings of their playing and we will join together on a video call to listen to all performances. I’m really excited,...

UK lockdown and piano lessons

Piano lessons are able to continue online whilst lockdown is ongoing in the UK. Students have a choice of lessons by video link, e.g. skype or zoom or by emailing recordings of their playing. Whilst I certainly am looking forward to the return of lessons in person,...

Performance Groups

This term we have held two performance groups, one for younger students and one for adults. This time, a particular highlight was that younger students wrote down positive comments about each other’s playing which were then shared with the performer.

Adult performance group

Our next adult performance group is confirmed for Saturday 29th June. This is a great opportunity for adult students to meet and have a chance to play the piano to each other.