Piano lessons for adults and children in Milton Keynes
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” Welcome. I hope you will find all the information you need on this website. I look forward to hearing from you and starting or continuing your piano journey.

Louise Dubicki


Old Farm Park MK7, Milton Keynes


Wed to Fri 12pm – 6pm

Weekend: Saturdays

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Wednesday, 2nd September

New Autumn Term lessons begin


Student Concert – Online – date to be confirmed


Find out how we will transition to face-to-face lessons this Autumn.


Lessons continue online, and of course this time we are all much better prepared for the use of technology this involves! 

I have set up an overhead camera system so when online I can switch between two views of the piano, so students can see what I am demonstrating more easily. I also have an upgraded microphone for superior sound quality. 


Qualified teacher

Teaching qualifications as well as a diploma in piano performance. Experience in a classroom setting and within 1:1 lessons. Click here to see more.

Performance opportunities

All students are given the opportunity to perform in a positive, friendly environment.

Exam preparation

Preparation for graded exams is possible where students would like to. Outstanding exam results have been achieved (100% pass rate, with all students in 2018-2019 achieving distinction).

Set your own goals

Many students arrive with the general goal of exploring a range of piano music, and some with a more specific aim such as wanting to improve technique or learn to read music. Others wish to work towards graded exams,

What will you learn?

From early on, students will learn to read music notation. This provides independence to the student later on.

Students can learn to play a wide range of styles, from ‘classical’ music spanning historical time periods,  musicals, contemporary music, pop and jazzy styles. 

Students will be encouraged to listen carefully to the sound created through various techniques at the piano to achieved the desired effect.

I would highly recommend Louise as a piano tutor for adults and children, beginners or more experienced pianists. As an adult beginner, I have been receiving lessons for about 2 years and have thoroughly enjoyed  my experience. My teenage daughter also attends lessons to support her GCSE music study and she is at Grade 2 level. Louise is very knowledgeable and supportive as a teacher, and provides lots of technical information as-well as practical skills. I am so glad I took up piano playing and have the support of such a patient, talented tutor.


Parent and student

I highly recommend Louise to any adult learners wishing to learn piano or, like myself, pick it back up again after a long break.
I’ve been having weekly lessons during term time for over a year. The structure and routine of having regular lessons and pieces to work on has helped motivate me to practice. Louise is a very good teacher. She gives good advice on technique and practicing, is always encouraging, and helps me to see how much I’ve improved.
In 2020, during Covid-times, I was very impressed with the way Louise quickly adapted to teaching via Zoom, and when restrictions eased she provided a safe home environment, with all necessary precautions.