Piano lessons and short courses for adults and children in Milton Keynes
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Piano lessons for adults and children in Milton Keynes

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NEW GROUP COURSES: PLAY BY EAR COURSE AND THEORY - FIND OUT MORE ON THE LESSON OPTIONS PAGE. Also now taking new student enquiries for September 2020.

I would highly recommend Louise as a piano tutor for adults and children, beginners or more experienced pianists. As an adult beginner, I have been receiving lessons for about 2 years and have thoroughly enjoyed  my experience. My teenage daughter also attends lessons to support her GCSE music study and she is at Grade 2 level. Louise is very knowledgeable and supportive as a teacher, and provides lots of technical information as-well as practical skills. I am so glad I took up piano playing and have the support of such a patient, talented tutor.


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Student Summer Concert

We had a very successful online concert held via Zoom this term. More than 10 performers played their favourite pieces that they have been working on, and gave lovely feedback to each other.

Musical Challenges

These challenges have been created to give additional musical activities for anyone who wants them while lockdown continues. These will be posted on facebook twice per week if you prefer to get one at a time. Please feel free to post any responses on the facebook page, and I look forward to hearing student’s ideas in your next lesson. I hope you find them interesting and useful.

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COVID Safety Measures

We are hoping to return to face-to-face lessons from September and have taken careful measures to ensure that this is safe for everyone. Any student who wishes to continue lessons online can do this.

For those taking face-to face lessons, here are some of the safety measures we will be taking:

  1. Face masks will be worn by all.
  2. A Perspex screen will be in use between the student and teacher.
  3. Lesson notes will be emailed to avoid sharing books and students will need to bring their own books and pencil.
  4. Everyone will wash hands or use hand sanitiser (min 60% alcohol) before using the piano.
  5. Windows and doors will be left open wherever possible to allow fresh air to circulate.
  6. One metre distance will be maintained
Online concert

So can you do a concert online? Well this is exactly what we will be doing at the end of the Summer Term! Students will be sending in their recordings of their playing and we will join together on a video call to listen to all performances. I’m really excited, and lots of students have signed up to take part so far.